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About Dougall & Associates

Through our long standing relationships and customer service, which was formed in 1966, Dougall & Associates (formally Chancellor Dougall) has emerged as a leading trading firm. Dougall & Associates is a registered broker dealer located on the Chicago Stock Exchange. Dougall provides execution services for some of the largest money management and institutional clients in the world.

We have the ability to execute trades for a low cost since we are on a U.S. National Securities Exchange. Dougall also can outsource trading for small shops that don't have a dedicated trading desk. We can be an economical option, that is a trusted source for execution.

"Dougall is dedicated to providing our clients with the best execution available. Specializing in block trading, we create value for our clients by sourcing liquidity from out extensive network of relationships on Wall Street. With over 70 years combined experience, we have the knowledge to help our clients by consistently finding block liquidity in a highly complicated market structure."

Scott Freyn


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